Innovation that works!

About Benivia

Benivia, LLC is a privately held company that offers consulting services for web and emerging technology strategy and implementation, integrating enterprise business intelligence with web analytics. Our focus on innovation (Benivia principals hold over 13 U.S. patents) produces standout results.

Benivia also operates a number of websites that Benivia has designed to demonstrate the success of this approach.  These mass consumer market websites provide market-driven using a market-driven look and feel. We don't determine the design, the appearance, the navigation and content; the marketplace does, as determined by our unique metrics approach.

This particular focus integrates business, technology and marketing goals. Successful implementation of a sound strategy results in a web presence that pleases visitors with easy access to the information, products or services that they are seeking, and makes a profit for the business in a seamlessly scalable manner.

Our customers

Our customers are both business, large and small; and the mass consumer market, directly. Benivia tests our own innovative approaches first on benchscale applications, then via B2B and consumer-oriented websites. The experience we gain from 10 years of these in-house studies allows us to quickly asses a client's situation and know from first-hand experience, which approaches will work best.